SWITZ Business Security


SWITZ Business Security
  • Сentralized management of antivirus protection
  • Clear Admin Panel and possibility to control Client Parts completely
  • Low resource utilization
  • Reliable Software and Hardware functioning
  • Licensed Software based on certificated technologies
System requirements! Operating System: WinXP SP2
Win Vista x86/x64
Win7 x86/x64
Win8 x86/x64
Win2003 Server x86/x64 Win2008 Server x86/x64
Hardware requirements! Client part:
512 MB RAM (for WinXP)
Server part:
CPU 1,5 GHz
1 GB RAM (for WinXP)
Administrative part:
APU 800 MHz
256 MB RAM (for WinXP)
Hard disk space: 200 MB x
More details about SWITZ
Main components:
Admin Panel
Antivirus Server
Client Parts
Managing center of all Client parts and Antivirus Server settings
Program that integrates all Client parts, allows to manage them through the Admin Panel and distributes updates
Program installed on each protected computer that directly executes antivirus protection and other functions
Allows you to detect and neutralize malicious software on your computer. Methods of detection: use of virus databases and heuristic analyzer (based on the programs behavior). Scanned objects: files on your hard drive, USB-drives, memory, electronic mail
Controls the access of installed programs to the network with advanced configuration options. Operating modes: automatic and interactive (with the possibility of each program self-processing)
Web Filter
Controls the computer access to the online resources indicated: centralized list of undesirable sites
Checks Flash Drives for Viruses, analyzes a probability of contracting the carrier and offers to scan the system by request
E-mail protection
Incoming and outgoing e-mail letters scanning for viruses
Heuristic analyzer
Identifies malware that has not yet been added to the antivirus database by analyzing parts of the code and its interaction with other software
Additional benefits and possibilities of SWITZ Business Security:
  • Centralized updates of virus database: for networks with no access to Internet on every PC in LAN
  • Providing connection to 5000 client computers without the separate server allocation need
  • Client computer protection has an intelligent system of random access store use – it is normally used about 100 MB of memory
  • Minimum Requirements for Internet connection speed: virus updates are loaded by one (the main) computer and spread among others