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  • More than 10 000 000 signatures in virus databases. SWITZ Antivirus protects Your PC from all types of malware (malicious software): viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, badware and other programs.
  • High efficiency of protection against malware – 65 000 new threats are added every day.
  • 99% of work with virus databases is automated. Human factor exclusion makes the process of virus identification and neutralization faster and more secure.
  • Guard system: constant scanning of running applications and files. SWITZ Antivirus monitors running applications and files, blocks/removes threats "on the fly" giving the malicious software NO CHANCE to cause undesirable consequences for Your system.
  • Heuristic analyser: identifying viruses that are not listed in databases. SWITZ Antivirus protects the system even from malware that is not included in databases.
  • Low memory consumption of Your PC: SWITZ Antivirus technologies allow to make the consumption of system resources minimal.
  • Three types of scanning: Full, Quick and Custom scans allow to check Your computer and system areas according to settings established by user.
  • Mail and Web filtering: SWITZ Antivirus controls every possible way when the system can be infected with malware, especially E-Mail and websites. In case of finding infected E-Mails or dangerous websites, SWITZ Antivirus blocks them.
  • Integrated firewall: SWITZ Antivirus controls network traffic on predetermined rules that could be set by customer.
  • USB protection: automatic scanning of external storage.
  • Three-click program installation.
  • Optimal solution: SWITZ Antivirus always recommends an optimal action for every threat that was found. But anyway user can choose another action and apply it.
  • Intuitive interface: SWITZ Antivirus has simple and friendly user interface for wide range of customers with different level of computer skills.
  • Response to customer requests in 24/7 mode. SWITZ Antivirus is globally oriented, so instant and professional support is very important for us to make our clients sure, that we are client-oriented company.
  • Ability to communicate with developers in social networks. SWITZ Antivirus is an open project, and everyone can ask us about any details of using the product.
  • Absence of embedded advertising and alerts that are not related to the protection of Your PC. SWITZ Antivirus is self-sufficient project and does not need to advertise anything to clients for becoming profitable. Our profit is generated only due to our IT-security solution.
  • Opportunity to use the trial version of the program without losing functionality within two weeks – very important moment for our customers before making a purchase.
  • System requirements allow to install antivirus on 90% of machines with different operating systems and hardware.
  • Convenient payment methods for our users.